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Mission Brief

You've learned that His Lordship's strongest supporter is Lady Tudor. However, three women in the Tudor Family are referred to as Lady Tudor: The wife of the late Lord Tudor and her sisters. You're being sent to the posh Tudor Estate on the night of a costume party in order to determine which Lady Tudor you must eliminate.


Inspiration and Constraints

Last Party is a demake of Arkane Studio's Dishonored, more specifically the mission Lady Boyle's Last Party. The game has been made with the Game Boy Advance in mind, with its 240 x 160 resolution and four button input (A, B, L and R). The graphics can be switched out and the map is fully editable for custom levels but the targets and their hints have been hard-coded.


WarpTeleport a short distance in the direction you're facing.
Sixth SenseLocate nearby NPCs.
InfestationSpawn rats at the feet of an NPC.


Hidden InsightRead the minds of NPCs to gain insight about the target.
Poison ArrowKill an NPC with a poison arrow.
Sleep ArrowKnock out an NPC with a sleep arrow.

Controls and Options

Controls and options can be changed in the Config.json file.

A ButtonL   Sound Volume100
B ButtonKMusic Volume100
D-PadWASDResolution Scale1 (240 x 160)
L ButtonQ
R ButtonO

Credits and Acknowledgements

Software Used

MonoGame Team

thelinuxlich and tpastor


Human Balance

Tiled Map Editor
Thorbjørn Lindeijer


Font - Van Helsing
Jens R. Ziehn

Font - Impact
Geoffrey Lee (via Stephenson Blake, later Microsoft)

Tileset and Sprites
Toby Plowy

GBA Template
Ugo Cireddu


Moonlight Reprise by Kai Engel
Kai Engel (Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0)

Concerto Grosso in D major, HWV 317 by George Frideric Handel
Fritz Brodersen (Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial 3.0)


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Development log

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